Bee Delivery update: The two deliveries of package bees will be:
First Delivery Sat April 20
Second Delivery Tuesday April 23rd
Check our link below for the latest updates
651-242-2233 Tom and Jessy

14185 Square Lake Trail N.
Stillwater, MN 55082

 2019 3 lb Package Bees 
Only selling 3 lb packages this year
We start taking orders in late January 
The bees come from Northern California   

April Delivery​
           First delivery, all 3 lb packages               around late April delivery date
        Second Delivery, all 3 lb packages 
                around late April delivery date                  Check for the latest delivery information on delivery dates.

Choice of queens (hygienic w/VSH):
Hygienic Carniolan , Hygienic Italian or Saskatraz queen
 a $2.00 royalty fee will be added to all Saskatraz​
click on the queen type​
We do not ship package bees. Pick up Stillwater, MN
Package bees subject to 7.125% MN sales tax.

Package Bees:

A cash discount for cash or check has been figured into the price. Package bees are to be paid in full with order. Orders over 35 packages call please. 

Real-time pick up information will be on the blog - Any delays or problems can be seen and passed on as fast as I know it. Always check the blog before coming to pick up the bees.

​Click here for bee order form

​Sold out for 2019

3lb packages w/mated queen
For Saskatraz add $2.00

Cash/Check         Credit Card
1 - 10.....$.00      $.00 
11 - 25....$.00     $.00
25 - 99....$.00     $.00
100+.......$.00     $.00

Filling Package Bee Cages
Sales Tax Calculator 7.125%
                                                                     3 lb  Package                                                              1 -10 ................. $10.11 per package
                  11 - 25 ..................$10,05 per package
                 26 - 99 .................$9,90 per package
                    100+..................$9.83 per package

To get tax exempt we need a completed ST3 form from the MN Dept. of Revenue