Click on the link above to download the Bee Order form.

If you have problems printing this out, you can call your order to us.​

Frequently Asked Questions

I am crossing state lines, do you have a Certificate of Inspection/ Bee Health Certificate? 

Yes, I will have a copy posted here when it's available.

When should I order bees?
We recommend ordering as soon as the order form is posted on this website. We have a set amount of packages for sale. We are done taking orders when we are sold out. We don't know when that will be. It is always difficult to estimate the demand for packages. 

We will publish when we have about 25% of the packages left to sell.​

What are Carniolan, Italian, and Saskatraz bees?

These links to the Carniolan Queens page, Italian Queens page, and Saskatraz Queens page will provide a good overview on the differences of these bees. Scroll down to bottom of the linked pages for a description of the bee characteristics.